So, I get that the war is not what this game is about. With that being said, has there ever been conversation between devs about adding that aspect to the game. Start with your country and try to build it into an armed powerhouse to take over other countries which would in turn create a ton of possibilities for “events” to pop up that would need to be fixed.

Just curious :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more. I can’t really play as America or Israel or France or Russia if old-fashioned imperialism isn’t on the agenda.

Someone else mentioned this before, but I think the option to declare and go to war with other countries and/or impose sanctions on those countries would greatly expand the international side of the game and make things more interesting, or fun at the least. I’m not sure about taking over other countries…Cliff would have to let us know on the possibility of adding a feature like or similar to this.

It certainly would. Welcome to the forum by the way.

Thanks! I think we know each other on 270soft’s forum?

Yes. Yes we do.

There is an event: group of terrorist who invades an island. But we are powerless facing that challenge. Why not propose armed advance there to reclaim the island, or help other countries, or putting the army on streets to stop mobs and things like that, etc. The only “war-like” move I’ve seen so far is sending troops to protect oil fields.

ps.: I havent played extremism yet.

Working on a mod where you have a Military Strength parameter, and can use it for different dilemmas.

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but maybe an event that adds a policy (which can’t be cancelled). For several turns, and depending on the funding, you will receive rewards and punishments at random. Maximum funding will have a high chance of victory at the end of the war, and it will end quickly. Minimal funding will cause near certain defeat and might throw you out of office. The military funding policy will be disabled, assuming any of this is even possible. Think high and wide.

The Superpower mod adds some opportunities for military action.

Yeah, the game is really lacking in the International Affairs aspect.

War, Treaties, Alliances, Spying, and Sanctions would be great additions. There could possibly even be a WW3 or a Nuclear War event.

what country should be in the war? Nkorea, China, US and parts of middle east should be the main troops