We should have Smart Junctions from the start

Or cheaply like 400 research points.

Currently I am forced to demolish Tech 1 stations while they could still be used for less feature-rich cars.

Example situation:

  • I build Fit Body (Tech 1)
  • I research Body Specialization and Sunroof
  • I build the Tech 2 trio Fit Bodyframe, Roof and Doors

Not all my models have Sunroof. But I have to demolish the T1 Fit Body, or some models which should get Sun roof will be routed though it and won’t get the Sunroof.

Smart junctions are too far in the tree to help with this situation.

Well, if a model drives thorugh the Fit roof slot and it doesnt have sunroof option, it will just pass with ordinary roof. You only have to take care of managing stock with two different items…