Welcome to space station chatter

Greetings humans! This forum will be for discussion of the upcoming sci-fi life-sim game ‘Redshirt’. For more details on the game, check out the website here:
And the facebook page here:

WOOOT another game?

Another cliffs game is always good news! =D

yay…depends because i hope its not the original series redshirts or i will be killed every mission atleast once

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this game. First, it’s heavily influenced by Kudos which was a very unique game. Second, it’s space sci-fi heavily influenced by Star Trek. Third, the premise sounds cool.

I just hope we get a lot of character customization options, choices, and directions to go in. For example, can I choose to work in Security vs. Engineering and will skills help to promote my character in those fields? I also look forward to seeing what kind of character interaction we’re gonna have. I suspect it’s gonna be like Kudos mixed with some Facebook? Lastly, what kind of enviroment(s) are we in? I know we’re gonna be on a space station but can we join a ship or a crew? Can we rise up in rank?

I’m very interested to see what the direction of this game’s development and can’t wait to see what the Shark does with it. :smiley:

There is definitely the option to focus on career and rise up in rank. The possibilities regarding ships and away mission are not final yet, but… you are a redshirt dude/dudette… are you SURE you want to beam down?

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. The great William Riker was once a red-shirt security officer but he took the risks, now he is/was Commander of the flagship. :smiley:

Anyways, it’d probably depend on the environment, crew, and mission. During a big war with a hostile species on a distant world with a not-very-competent crew, I might just call in sick. That being said, how well can you develop you’re own skills? Maybe my little red-shirt can take care of himself, eh? Then again, maybe that’s what they all think.

… also, maybe my red-shirt actually studied martial arts and knows how to aim his phaser, lol.

_> riker was a red shirt? then how did he survive…maybe he seduced the other admirals


I’m reminded of this hilarious recut video; if only for the frankly amazing look Riker gives Picard at 50 seconds. :smiley:

It is amazing that there is practically no traffic on this board. I know I’m not the only person eagerly awaiting the game!

I think a lot of redshirt fans are basically (and quite aptly) hanging out on the facebook page: