What ever happened to the Stratagic Game for GSB?

What ever happened to the Stratagic Game for GSB? I saw a great write up on gamesquad.com. No mention of it here though(I think?) gamesquad.com/news/campaign- … ce-battles is the link. I’d love to get my hot little fingers on this one!

It’s still in the works, as far as I know. Campaign should be coming out soon, though.

whats the difference between campain and the new “game”
I wonder about the cost?(hint, hint cliffski)
I want to buy the pre-release, whatever. I wanna beta test it Pla-eeeeez sir!
Have mercy …

Ohh and here is the 1st map of upcomming beta-zeta installer 1.92b

Seems to me that this “new” game IS the campaign, and it will be in a patch, or maybe a whole expansion.

I hope it comes free with the game or in a patch.

Cliffski has already said that it will be a paid expansion.

Well that bites… Hope its not like the full version of GSB’s price…

My guess is that he ran into a road block or something to entice people to purchase the game.

From the details, he’s setting up a conquest type story where you increase the build of your units and a chain of planets. IMO, don’t get me wrong is how do you create a challenging game when you end up with something hard in the beginning, but becomes easier later on due to your conquests of the worlds. Petroglyph Games did this and failed with their Empire at War due to this problem. It was hard, almost very hard, in the beginning of the campaign, and became very easy later on. He’s missing something to keep the campaign interesting during game play.

So he’s looking for ideas… possibly from us as well. I bet he already has the story.

So here’s something to add to his soup. Like most RTS games, I would add ship, supply, equipment, and population limitations. You couldn’t use many unit types early on in the game, they were “developed” during the storyline. StarCraft did this as well as C&C, and Conquest: Frontier Wars. Other things were items that could never be used, but could be captured or destroyed in the games, like large structures, time limit defenses, or transported items. Last, would be special to shake things up like something new or impossible to fight at or near the end.

any other good ideas?

Why does that suck?

The campaign is a whole new game. Cliffski also has bills to pay. He’s not working for charity here. As a whole, if you consider the number of dollars spent per hour of entertainment, GSB is a great buy. I imagine the campaign expansion for it will be just as awesome.

eh, I am fine if it costs money, but i sure dont want to shell out another 20 (yes im selfish, sorry cliff). i am fine until that point though, maybe $10-15? It should be more than the new races expansions, but not as much as the game right now
just my 2 cents

I’m juat thinking that if you bought GSB, the new campeing (<-- sorry about spelling) should be a litttle cheaper, like ten bucks, like Vazeron1 said. (yes i’m a cheapskatet too). And just in case people start commenting poorly ttowards me, I Am Not Complaining!!! I’m just puttitng out a sudjestion out there… (I need a spelling tutor…)

$20 is my upper limit. If the campaign adds as much as the original game delivered, I am fine with the higher price tag. If it only adds a bit, as the new races did, then I’d prefer $10.

What really bugs me is people thinking a large expansion should be free. I have been burned time and again by AAA titles that are patched perhaps once and left buggy - one in particular had a bug at the end that made winning impossible. By comparison, Cliff keeps cranking out the improvements, based on community feedback. This is the best of both worlds - continuing improvement, but without a monthly fee. I happily pay to support Cliff’s approach and high quality product.

i agree, this is more than just an expansion pack, this seems like almost a whole new game. that said, i still think that it should cost less than the current game, simply because theone we have now is the game after all. That is something you will need to work on, in that you will not be able to sell it as an expansion pack.
the problem there is that there will be rapid and widespread consumer dissatisfaction due to people thinking “what’s this? i just bought this amazing 20$ game, and now i have to shell out another $15 to the campaign! What the hell!”. Perhaps what you could do is increase the price of the game when the campaign comes out, but let people buy the campaign and the game we have now seperately for, say, 60-70% of the new price each. This way new customers can get just the campaign at first, then buy the ‘multiplayer’ (what we have now) portion of it, and you get more than if you sold them together. Or they will buy them together and you get a decent amount anyway. Then for those of us who played GSB before the campaign, we could buy the campaign as an expansion.
I dont know exactly how this would work on the technical side, but it should be just a reconfiguration of prices.

Fine by me, as long as Cliffski is the one getting the money from it, I’ll gladly pay extra.

Hmmmm. I see what you did there. (lol, kidding) :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. i am suprised that joke’s never com up before. anyway, i think that cliff should definately get more money than the expansions for the campaign

Hey, I don’t have issues with giving Cliff more of my money for GSB…

neither do i. that;s what ive been saying

12-18$ seems a reasonable price to me, far below the price of the main game but it’s a considerably boggerbinvestment than a new race.