What is the highest car/hour you have achieved?

What is the consistent highest car/hour rate you have achieved? State if its a game map, or one of your own design.

I’ve been able to sustain just over 100/hour with peeks in the 130/140 range on the Detroit map, fully expanded. That’s about my best.

190 an hour give or take. Have to turn off the export conveyors view, and zoom way out. Otherwise it slows down my computer some.

That is on a huge- home made map. Not on Detroit.

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I think my highest was peaking around 140 per hour. But I am going to get there. It’s a matter of principle now. Lol!

currently my record on my own custom map is 278 cars a hour

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New personal best.

Custom Map.

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I just get to 100/hr. (with no outside resources), and you do this! Screen shot of the layout, please.

That’s it. Pretty big. Still have some room to go. Need more customers.

What’s the Matrix number on that map? Ie. rows×columns

When i edit the map in the map creator = MAP SIZE = 160.

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Thats absolutely amazing. You should get a job at tesla :smiley:

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