What's with the fly in the background?

Playing the demo and after some time a fly appeared and was walking around in the background behind the menus but ontop of the large background picture. Why is it there? I find it very distracting as it makes me want to smack my screen :frowning:

  • Mike

Clean your house, and if you can afford it, hire a maid.

How do you hire a maid???

I think you do that in the mall–but I could be mistaken.

In any case, cleaning the house once in a while is a simple way to get rid of the fly, as well as a positive activity in general–at least, in the game. I know that it can be very stressful in reallife, what with the way my wife resists any attempt to move anything once she’s put it down anywhere. :wink:

Go shopping, look under general, and select cleaning service. You will have to clean it yourself once because the service only prevents additional dirt from building up, and doesn’t get rid of the dirt there.

Oh goodie. At first I thought there was a fly stuck in my screen :laughing:
Maybe add mention to that in the tutorial, unless it’s in the readme? I never read those things :unamused:

  • Mike

I quite like my games to surprise people. Games don’t do that enough.