What's YOUR favorite race?

What’s your favorite race?

  • Rebels
  • Federation
  • Empire
  • Alliance

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The title says it all. CHOOSE. NOW.

I chose Rebels, for their speed. I like having cruisers that can move.

If I want to stand off, I tend to go Alliance.

I want to like Imperials, nice shields bonus and the coolest looking ships… But the large size of their ships makes them more vulnerable to fighter strafing, and if I’m going to have to mount armour to deal with that… Then I’d rather take a race that has more armour bonuses. This is probably less of a problem now the Achilles isn’t so overpowered.

Federation is pretty solid, but I played them so much completing the single player, that I avoid them now :wink:

yeah, i agree with the federation part. although i do use them a lot when i’m testing new modules that i make myself. i voted for alliance, although empire is my second favorite. but i’m just not effective with them. but, as for the alliance, well… i kick ass with them. and the rebels…? dunno. just don’t like 'em that much. i guess i don’t care about speed unless i’m in a racing game or something.

Completely agree! Also, the large ships make it more difficult to concentrate firepower.