Where i can find custom maps


i have recently started to battle on line challenges and i have noticed that sometimes some of the challenges are at custom maps

where i can get those?

I still don’t have any of the expansions… i will buy them soon … maybe that is the problem?

go to “Custom Challenge”

The custom maps are named Custom Map by default, but you can rename it and challenge with that map.

as you can see

i only have these maps:bg1-10 and survival1&2…

no, those are just the name of the backgrounds you can use, the way you name your map is on “Save”

otherwise it gets named Custom Map

i am such a nooob

lolz you should see the problems I had when I first got the game :frowning:

This game does have a steep learning curve. I suppose it’s a good thing that the starter battles are so easy.

I agree to the fullest of my agreeing abilities :smiley:

Learning curve?

I’m pretty sure that GSB, like Allegiance and EVE before it, has a learning cliff (puns on the developer’s name not meant or intended).