Why can't I get the sheet metal assenbly to work?

I can’t export any suggestions?


probably should share a screenshot or your save file

driveletter:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\productionline\savegames

I know where the save file is thanks for the info.

Is there any slot that actually needs the sheet metal? its used for some of the slots that build car body components, and you will need them.

Thank you for your reply. This is a fully developed game with all areas researched and manufacturing positions upgraded. It has stumped me since the position was unlocked. I started a new game with the same results.

Thanks again I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Is there one or more Supply Stockpiles with Steel Sheets closer to the slots that will need this material?
If there is such a Supply Stockpile and a Resource Importer is closer to the stockpile the Steel Sheet will be imported and not take from the Make Steel Sheets slot.
A savegame would be helpful - more than a screenshot.

I do not use stockpiles I feel (IMHO) they take up space best suited to manufacturing. I have tried positioning this area everywhere on the floors. But I think I’ll just start yet another game and see if there is something in the research that is keeping it from exporting.

Please add a savegame. The .xml file is enough.
What import settings for the Steel Sheets do you use at the consuming slots? If it is set to any the closest source will be preferred so maybe a Resource Importer will be queued.

I will try that sstraight away. Thanks for your help. If I can’t solve it where should I email the xml file to?

see if you can export it to a stockpile closer to the assembly. if so you are just to far out.


Thanks for your reply. I tried it. Same as it ever was. Doesn’t work. New game, three assembly lines, (been playing for about four hours now) and I can’t find a way to export the sheets

so exporting works to stockpile but not from there?

Correct. I have researched ALL body panels to make sure the sheets are usable. To no avail.

It’s very late. Thanks so much for your help. I love this game. jus another glitch in the wall :slight_smile:

i cant find any issues in the obvious code so i think you should report it as a BUG

You can add your savegame the same way you added the screenshot:

  1. Click on ‘Attachments’ below the message box
  2. Hit the [Add files] button
  3. choose your .xml savegame file

But just a feeling: How many slots (like ‘Make Door Panels’ or ‘Make Roof’) do you have that will need Steel Sheets as a component?
Stupid question but if you produce more Steel Sheets than you need for making parts the sheet metal assembly will run into ‘No Export Room’ because you can’t sell them atm.

I’ll try to reproduce this now.

edit: seems to be working fine in my test factory. A save game should help explain it.

Here is the most recent save game file from the game I am working on. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help.

Enjoy the weekend.


Hi Cranky,

you’ve researched some manufacturing slots that would use Steel Sheets but atm. you import all parts.
So before you don’t place some of Make Trunk, Make Roof, Make Hood, Make Rollcage or (as soon as researched) Make Door Panel you will not need any Steel Sheets. If you build a Make Steel Sheet anyway it will run into ‘No Export Room’ because there is no need and you can’t sell them. The production slots like Fit Body don’t use raw materials. If you have seen such behavior it was from a very early version of the game.

With the last update you can get an overview of the parts and raw materials your production line(s) use within the last ingame hour. Just open the Efficiency window, switch to Components and look for the Steel Sheets: consumption per hour is 0:

I hope this will help.
Enjoy the game :smiley:

Thank you MaN1aC

I am using newest version . I will pay attention to the research more carefully.


I paid strict attention to research. Checked my importa, nada nothing doesn’t work at all.