Windows Vista Question

Hello! I just bought Democracy 2 and it’s great, but when I try to edit the game files and then save, it says I need the “admin” to be able to do that. Does anyone know how to disable/bypass that? Thanks :neutral_face:

If you copy the files to the desktop, edit them and save them there, then copy them back, this should circumvent the problem, although it’s not ideal.

It may be that you can run the program you are using to edit the files as an administrator and this will get round the problem (I don’t think this will work for Notepad but you could try it, should work with Excel or other programs). Right click the exe of the program, then click properties. Now click “compatibility” then tick “run this program as administrator”. Now click OK. This may solve the problem - it has certainly solved other Windows Vista problems for me. I don’t know if it solves this particular problem as I’ve never tried it and I’m not on a Vista PC at present.