[WIP]Universal Trading Company (New Race)

Hello all,

Race Name:
Universal Trading Company

The Universal Trading Company was established by a Businessman, named Damien Dresden , soon after the Economic Crash on his home planet of Gaike in 2010. The Company globalised itself in a matter of years and by the year 2050 it was the Worlds largest trading company. It was involved in deals over everything from Food to Weapons to Technology.

In 2069, Gaike encountered its first extraterestrial contact. Sparking a major expansion in all forms of life. The Gaikens began to Expand to nearby planets in their solar system, Creating Colonies on both Moons and planets. Damien saw his opportunity and took it Expanding his business into Alien Galaxies. However, he underestimated the size of the hole he was digging for himself and his company when he began to trade technological secrets between the other species, and here we stand, in the year 2099, Dresden has decided to pass the company on to the next in line… You.

Special Attributes to the race:

  • Stronger Shields
  • Heavily Armored Hulls
  • Fast Fire weaponry
  • Better Engines

Current Progress:

Carrier - Hull Sketch - Trall Class - mk1:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Cruiser - Hull Sketch - Pike Class - mk1:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Cruiser - Hull Sketch - Pike Class - mk2:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Fighter - Sabre Tooth Class - mk1:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

ToDo List:

  • Create 2 Carrier Hull Designs (1/4)
  • Create 4 Cruiser Hull Designs (1/4)
  • Create 4 Frigate Hull Designs
  • Create 3 Fighter Hull Designs (1/3)
  • Create Damage Textures
  • Create Weapons (2/inf)
  • Create Modules

Coming Soon.

I would appreciate any Constructive Critism.

Required help, Please PM me if you are interested:

  • Coder to code the nessary Modules that will be implemented.
  • Anyone with experiance creating the Hulk models.

Want to Help?:
If you are interested in helping with this mod, Please send me a PM, I am currently working alone and would appreciate any help with Texturing the Ship Designs and Creating the Modules.

Regards UTC1990

Universal Trade Company… hmmm… AKA Federation? LOL

About that design, seems like someone saw my cargo ship :stuck_out_tongue:
Joke, i like the idea ^^
A fleet of modified cargo ships :smiley:

I did see your Cargo ship :slight_smile: thats what gave me the idea and that I was also playing Arma 2 earlier today, which made me think of a Private Military company Attachment to the UTC. xD

Though in fairness it cant all be Cargo ships, after all a good fleet of Fighters can Destroy a couple of Cruisers with no problem xD

OMG my ship inspired you?! Wooow, that is new for me, really xD
Oh and yeah, sure, maybe modified worker-bots for fighters, short range transports for frigs, and super cargos ships for cruisers :wink:

Suggestion: Add more containers to that ship, I wouldn’t put a full ship at risk for that little ammount of cargo xD

ok Thanks, I will do that now.

I also changed the Design a little becuase it looked a little too flat for my usual Taste xD but not by much

EDIT: Mark2 now up.

EDIT2: Just completed a simple sketch for the Sabre Tooth Class Fighter mk1.

EDIT3: Cant work on it much right now but I have a few more Designs ready to be uploaded Just have to find a few mins of free time. Gotta Love A-Levels (UK) (or its equivalent Advanced Placement.)

What program are you using to sketch those designs? One of my long-term goals is to create my own modded race from scratch. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy (especially dealing with curves) when being limited to two dimensions in paint.net.

As far as modules go, you need to first decide what you want out of the module, and whether or not it’s possible to implement in the game. After that it’s a pretty straightforward process to draw its icon, turret icon (if it’s a turret), and create its text file.

i use google sketchup. i think its the easiest for a beginner modeler to use.

(shameless advertising) check out the USSN thread. i am planning on making everything there in sketchup. http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5445&start=285

but i am curious on what program he uses too :slight_smile:

I am using a Program called Rhino 3D 4.0. Its a really good Modelling program and its easy to grasp, I picked up their tutorials and knew how to create a few things in about 2 weeks. However it does cost money and its not cheap. I did use Sketchup to begin with but then realised how bad I was with it. So I went hunting and found this. xD

Rhino 3D website:


Its worth a look but dont buy it if your only aim is Modding a game.

My dad uses it for work. So I hijack his PC from time to time xD

EDIT: 2 new weapons added to the list:

Weapons - Sketch - UTC MLRS (Multi Launch Rocket System)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Weapons - Sketch - UTC Dual Minguns

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I have changed the color Scheme of the Sketch models becuase they just look really really bad with the old Magenta Blue and Red color scheme.

I am currently working on creating a new fleet of Defence Frigates etc. However I have no idea at all on how to code the race into the game. Or how to create the Modules I wish to create.(I have listed them in the main Post)

Unfortunately, neither of these are possible :frowning:
You cannot make a weapon that only fires forward.
You cannot make a module that creates new things. What I would suggest is a missile launcher that launches a missile with no flare, very small trail, and very fast turnspeed.

ok well thats a shame, I was hoping to be able to create a small fleet of really powerful Frigates nvm I can stick to cruisers with heavy missiles xD

thanks for letting me know anyway Wasabi

You can make missile fires in a strait line, but you can’t make it fire forward only.

If you want them to fire at a strait line, just set it’s turn really low (like 0)

The problem then is that unless they’re really fast, they have almost no chance of hitting. Wasn’t there a thread a while ago that mentioned that the hit chance seems much lower than direct fire weapons, even if the missiles have a really fast speed and are fired at close range?

I know the hitrate will be really low, but the idea behind it was that it would easily Cripple a Tank in a 4 - 5 hits. which I was hoping would balance the game a little more becuase Tanks are a real pain for me. (I am not the best tactition) Though I might have to rethink its strength against armor…

I am on hold with the mod at the moment due to lack of a decent Graphical program, I am in the process of getting Photoshop CS4. Gimp etc refuse to run due to my Operating system.

What OS do you have that GIMP won’t run on? I’ve used it on Ubuntu (many versions), Windows XP, and Windows 7 so far. I know people run it on Mac OS X.

Confirmed for the win. I use gimp with my OS X 10.6.6 install all the time - flawlessly. As long as a Mac user originally chose the option to include the X11 package when first installing OS X, gimp will run.

I am currently using windows 2000 I know I know old right, but it refuses to install on anything less or higher as it turns out(Friend with win7 tried it) than XP. But its ok I found a .dds converter and I am using Photoshop CS1 now, its slowly coming together, just need a week or so to get the ships into the game and I can upload V1.

I use GIMP with Windows 7 on two of my own machines and one of someone else’s occasionally :stuck_out_tongue: The official requirement is Windows XP SP2 or newer. Windows 2000, of course, is definitely too old.

Could anyone please tell me how to allow the UTC race access to different weapons becuase I have managed to get my Trall class Cruiser into the game but I cant add any turrets etc to it from the Ship Designer :frowning:

My other problem is that I cant get the backgroud of the ship out when I get it into the game…

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Firstly I apologise for the double post.

Sorry Guys but this mod is Dead due to the lack of help I have recieved, as a college student I dont have time to do it all myself, becuase of exams within the next few months. and I have to spend more time trying to do that than modding a game.

Thanks anyway.

Mods please feel free to delete this thread.

Oh man, thats a shame, wat u need help for? u cant get the ship into the game? with the game shipdesigner i suposse u are talking about the in-game editor right?

Wats the problem exactly??

Anyways, if u have exams, the important things first, u can always return to the mod work after the exams period. Or not?? :wink: