Did you consider genders in the game where womans might react different to issues then men? I noticed that you can have a female head judge. Wouldn’t some female voters react positive when you choose her?

This was something considered at great length during development, but eventually it was decided that in terms of the game, women or men did not make a well-defined enough voter group to be included sensibly. For example, write down the top ten issues that will sway the women’s vote. You will find that there is no actual agreement on any of the, and where there is, the issue can be described more accurately with regards to liberal or conservative views. In the US, women tend to be more liberal than conservative, but I’d argue it’s the liberalism that often gets confused as ‘appealing to women’ rather than policies aimed specifically at their gender.
The issue or maternity pay may be seen as women-focused, but then there is the linked issue of paternity pay (and leave) and opinions on the issue tend to be a liberal/conservative or left/right split rather than gender based, in my experience.

And then in addition to this i wonder if you ever considered adding pacifists. I noticed that military spending does have a negative side. The least it could do is affect parents who see their kids go to war

I agree regarding military spending. In my current game, I was kind of surprised to see that maxing out military spending had no negative effects besides costing money. It makes it a no-brainer in the game as long as you can afford it, but the positive effects on unemployment, and therefore GDP, usually help pay for its costs. I know a lot of people in real life who wish we’d cut a lot of our military spending, though I’m not sure which group would be negatively affected in the game. “Parents” sounds good at first, but it’s not hugely a parent issue: many parents are proud to see their kids join the military, and more military spending doesn’t necessarily equate to sending their children off to war: you can spend money on the military in times of peace. It’s kind of a difficult issue to tackle without a “Pacifist” group, or something similar.

Couldn’t this be rolled into liberals? they already oppose gun ownership, so it would seem sensible, maybe an effect that only kicks in at the top end of military spending?

That sounds like a good idea.

I’ve added this as a new effect in build 1.02.