Wrong connection on Equality


I think “Socialism” which I circled should be “Capitalist”.
That link goes to “Capitalist” voter group. :smiley:

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Socialism and liberalism membership should be conditional then.
That is they would be socialism/liberalism when positive and capitalism/conservatism when negative.

I assume the idea behind this was that as the country becomes more equal people don’t care as much about fighting for that equality?

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I mean…If I click that “Socialism”, it goes to the “Capitalist” voter group. :(…

It goes to capitalist group because its on red side.

Gotcha. Thanks!

Yeah, I think that this is something that should be addressed? It’s not very intuitive if one clicks on socialism, it goes to capitalist voter group, just because socialism is going negative. Perhaps this could be a change made, since, while I understand Cliff’s reasoning behind it, it can come off as unergonomic and confusing for players, it certainly was for me when I found this similar issue.

Hmmm did you check whenever it was fixed?


Nope, it wasn’t fixed, @cliffski apologies for tagging, I think you should look at this tinee-tiny bug considering that it was reported since October and it’s still a problem.

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Yeah, I’m sure that he’ll look into it.

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I just checked the code, If positive it should go to socialism, if negative it should go capitalism.

This makes sense because its basically just a single axis.

Ideally it would be renamed in the capitalist case. Its tricky though because some sliders have +socialism —> +capitalism depending on the setting, and thus having green for socialism and then red for capitalism feels like a value judgement.

I could hack in code so that effects like this were always positive and I flipped the name on the strip, but when you are fiddling with a slider you may not realize the name on it just changed…


Yeah, renaming it would be great, or sending it to socialism, whatever you think would be better for you. Just anything that removes this confusion. :smiley:

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So what do you think would balance a neutral value judgment with player ergonomics?

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