1.18 Save Files -> 1.18a Save Files

– November 26 '06: Patch 1.19 solves this issue –

I had a feeling something in the format would change between the two patches, and I was right! :smiley:

I try loading my old 1.18 savegame into 1.18a and get the following error:

Interest type not found:.\SIM_Interest.cpp

After digging around a new 1.18a save file I found that the interest cardgames has changed to card games, so I go back and update all instances. Still won’t load, get the same message. Deleted all blocks that look like this:

gambling card games Card games # gambling Gambling

The old save game loads fine after that. I triple checked my changes against the new format… did I still miss something?

Notes for the curious:
By deleting those blocks, any friends that used to play poker will no longer have the Poker interest.

This is true, it had to be done for tedious reasons concerning international translations…

Thanks! got an xml editor from tucows and deleted your string and it worked. Just sorry I deleted all the non working games … oh well.


The next patch will fix it up proper. See below. :slight_smile:

Referenced from the ‘Known Bugs…’ thread found here.


Is there a possibility this thread could be removed? It started as a simple question and suddenly turned into a hotfix that never should have been. I’d feel terrible if somebody unwittingly mangled a save they had worked very hard on by using this information.

Thanks in advance.

ahhh. I think its quite helpful actually. It should be moot by tommorow when I finish the patch. Once i know its not an issue, Ill delete it.

Really? Well in that case never mind. :blush: