10 years up, no birthday?!

My character has already reached up to the year 2022. I think that 10 years is done already, or is there still more. Cause I have not encountered a 10year success screen yet. Shed some light please, I’ve been not progressing much already because it’s quite at the top performance character with about 15 good regular friends.

Are you getting the normal yearly progress screens? What version of the game are you playing? (is it direct from this site?)

I’m having this same problem. I got it from Reflexive. Oh yeah and i’m not getting yearly progress screens.

very very strange. AFAIK they have the exact same version of the code as everyone else, apart from maybe the last patch (not really sure off the top of ym head), but this was never a bug anyway, so I’m guessing it must be related to the ‘wrapper’ nonsense that those portals stick around the code for the game.
Very strange, and definitely not happening with the main (positech) version.

Yea, I got the game from reflexive too. No yearly progress screens. However its version is 1.04 final, which i think the available final version was 1.03. Not to mention countless crash bugs but luckily it has an autosave function.

BTW, the game starts and ends from which years?

I got it from this site (EDIT: i.e., Positech) version 1.06 final, no yearly progress screens, I don’t know what those look like. Do you have a screenshot? I say this because I just finished playing through ten years and was surprised that there was nothing to point that out.

Mine is 1.04 as well. Any news on this?

I’m investigating now, but this is bizarre. the code hasn’t changed, and suddenly this is happening…

Found it :smiley:

I’ll be patching it today or tomorrow. Did anyone notice it only started happening from December 1st?
Its because the game sets the starting date to be the current month. And that means it cues the end of year month from the current month. The problem is, windows calls December 12, and kudos calls it 11 (because coders start at zero, not 1).
hence if you start a game in month 12, the end year month will never get reached, and the game never ends :smiley:

I hate coding :D.

haha Well done!!! Looking forward to the patch.

omg, genius!
It must had took you many hard crunching coffee breaks to figure that outside the box.
Good job.

Fixed now:

Doesn’t work. Unless i need to do something else after downloading the fix. I downloaded it into the kudos 2 folder and it doesn’t work.

@ xblotterx
I think this patch only works for the Kudos 2 downloaded directly from the official website “Positech”.
Other game download sites such as reflexive can’t use this patch.

Cliff any ways to resolve this for other download sites? A simple copy and paste? Cause so far the download sites I got the game from did not update their files.

Everyone (stardock, the casual portals and gamersgate) now has a new exe. Unfortunately you need to contact who you bought it from to get a new one. Some of them use ‘wrappers’ and it’s not technically doable for me to have a patcher that works with their DRM :frowning:

No offence but all these bugs should have been worked out BEFORE the game went on sale.

To be fair, one can only nail so many bugs prior to shipment and something as obscure as a “December-only bug that occurs after 60 game turns” is a bit abstract to consider.

One day Cliffski will have made enough money by selling DRM-free games that he’ll be able to hire teams of testers and give the games away for free :smiley:

Wayno, still sleeping

Indeed. No piece of software has ever been released bug free. Even the mars rover and space shuttle have software bugs, as did the hubble telescope. I do everything I can to prevent bugs getting in, but if multi-billion dollar nasa projects have bugs in, $23 indie games will as well :frowning:
I know it’s annoying, but to be fair, this bug was fixed and patched within 10 days of it showing up. That doesn’t happen with big retail games. Battlefield 2 has a bug that has been in it since its release 3 years ago, which makes players appear on the wrong team. It’s still there…


I bought the game from Bigpond Games Arena online a few days ago. Their version is the 1.04 final one. I passed the 10 year mark ages ago, with no birthdays or messages. Does Bigpond have the latest patched version, since its obviously not available on their website…

Hi, I started a game with the demo from Reflexive and then purchased the full game from your site two days ago. I have past the 10 year mark with the game I started before I bought the full version and I have not had any alerts or anything. Is this just because I had started this game before it was patched?