A Note To Cliffski

First off I’d just like to say how much I love the Kudos games, I’ve had Kudos 1 and 2 on every computer I’ve used since they came out, because they are classic games; ones that you can continuously play or go back to a while later and still enjoy them, maybe even more than the first time. They’re also amazing because they’re so easy to mod;you can truly customise your game to make it either a lot harder, a lot easier or just more fun for you in particular as a player, this is one of the reasons why I think Kudos 2 actually beats the sims franchise, as well as the fact that the sims is just too big; i don’t think that 6 different kinds of toilet is worth space on my computer. Kudos is nice and compact, in my opinion at least.

Now a criticism of the game is often that the relationship system is fairly simplistic, but in my opinion this is what makes the game work. Instead of worrying about having a partner, getting married and having kids (which may float other players’ boats but I find that far too suburban) you make a ton of friends, get a good job or spend your days writing screenplays and doing charity runs. Kudos 1 and 2 are games about life, not about doing what we’ve been led to believe is the ‘correct’ way to live life.

I really hope that there is a Kudos 3, but for me the romance part can take a backburner, as can the idea of a house (can you imagine how long it would take to save up for one?!) what I’d really like to see is a greater variety of people, activities and jobs; ones that pay next to nothing and some that pay a ridiculous amount of money, billionaires in kudos? sounds good to me! And while I know that you can customise your game to allow this it feels too much like cheating! Plus for these jobs there should be some other benefits put into the game like more people being interested in you etc and being invited to a lot of special events (like the museum thing in kudos 2, off the top of my head).

Thanks for such an amazing game, anyway, I would love to see Kudos 3 sometime in the future, better and bigger, but not too big, if you get stuck with ideas just ask me, I have tons! :stuck_out_tongue: