New solo activity help

As the subject says …

do I just add onto solo_acitivities.csv or make a .txt file ?
there wil probably be some attributes too but am confused atm with # sign. I know lines start with it, some places end with it, but looking at some of the files there’s more than 2. :angry: :open_mouth:
where do I put the effects :question: :unamused: :blush:

PS I can’t read thru all the files or I’ll never play the game :exclamation:

Is it possible to create a new solo activity using prereqs ?
If Yes, how do I “insist” on reaching a certain percentage ?
For eg : car_driving, to reach a minimum of 80%

And No, it’s nothing to with jobs … atm.


edit : I think, and hope, I’ve read enough to answer my own question above :exclamation:

you can create activities that cannot be done until pre-requisites are met yes, in the way that you need a guitar before you can practice it, etc.

Doh :exclamation: I should have read a bit more :blush: Missed the guitar bit :angry:

Right, I think I’ve got it going atm.
Now then, is it possible to to “hook” into some of your routines ?
What I’m looking for is a Yes and No routine. Relevant text to be supplied to both options.
For eg: Yes = Well done. No = Try again. Similar to inviting someone out.
Also, with a Yes to have the solo_activity removed/disabled.

Hmmm, I don’t think that is currently possible ;(