Adding New Jobs

Hi Cliff

As you know I removed by IWin version and purchased your version as I prefer it! Anyway quick question

For some reason I have half the files under program files/kudos and some under my documents/kudos, I download some new jobs and avatars etc from the internet updates and whilst the avatars work the new jobs don’t, I checked and they are under the my documents/kudos/mods/jobs folder but they are the ONLY ones in that folder ie the only txt files

When I look under C:\Program Files\Kudos\data\simulation I have a jobs.csv folder that has all the other jobs except the new ones (no .txt) so my question is…should be saving the new jobs as csv files and then adding them to the job.csv?


It’s correct that they are the only ones in that folder. Basically the game ships with jobs in a csv file, but extra ones are also read in as text files from mydocuments.
Are you sure they don’t show up? some of them might be rare, or in a different category to the one you expect. If they are in the right place (and downloading them will put them there by default) they should be found ok.

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So, do new jobs have to have their own .txt file ?
Would there be probs if added to jobs.csv ?

No it should work fine. the separate text files was just to make mods easier to distribute.