Always same invite

Sorry to be a complainer but maybe I just misunderstand the game so posting for some advise.

The friends I have ALWAYS invite me to the same venue- for example if a certain friend rings me up I can practically guarantee they are going to ask me to go to the Italian Pizzario/Restaurant. I have been 2% surpised with a wine and cheese night.
Is this normal or was I just unlucky that my friends all invite me to the same things over and over as it gets a bit boring that way.

I also have one friend that no matter how many times I invite him to the museum he always agrees to come and our relationship boosts. I kind of leave him until the relationship nearly down to zero as he always will be my friend as long as I take him to the museum now and then LOL
It just seems weird considering friends you try to build relationships with - drop you easily - and even if you really do not have enough money to come to their function.

Hope this does not seem picky- It just seems that this game is already boring after the weekend because of silly things that maybe could be made more interesting. I have got my weekends entertainment from it for $25 which is ok- but would be nice that I could play again with surprises.

This can happen if you tend towards people who do the same things. it’s kind of ‘emergent’. if you only socialise at certain events, then you tend to boost relationships with people who like those things, and let relationships with others die out a bit. So you get a self-reinforcing situation where the only places your friends want to go is the pizza place, because all your friends like pizza, and the friends all like pizza because anyone you meet who hates pizza soon finds themselves doing lots of things they don’t like :D.

+25 Kudos to you for making such a system where that is possible

My friends, I have come here today to address the greatest threat to Global Society: the Pizza Elitist. They can be identified by their sauce smeared faces and tendency to hang out at fashionable pizzerias. If we don’t act now never again will we be able to peacefully scoff pizza and pasta in peace. The only way to turn this red tomato tide is to stop hanging out with all your friends, and eventually they’ll bugger off and the crisis will be over.

Wayno, a Ravioli Revolutionist

All my friends ever wanted to do at the begining of my chef’s career was endlessly go to the mexican resturant. I look at it as everyone’s got a favorite resturant they love going to, right? I know I have my favorite one that I never tire of. :slight_smile:

I usually find when you start the game, they either: Want to go to a resturant, or want to go out to a bar a lot. But you can kind of steer this by inviting them to do new things. I find especially effective is options that were not available before. If you buy ice skates for instance, any friend who enjoys that seems to become very enamored with ice skating because you couldn’t go do that with them before. I dislike my friends always inviting me to resturants when I am trying to keep an in shape kudos char so I will try to steer them to take up interest in other things by inviting them to go do whatever else they like. In that way you can get them more likely to invite you to play golf, or go ice skating, or to a musium or something like that. :slight_smile: