Annoying bug/error stopping me from using certain mods

I’ve tried multiple mods, some of them work, some of them don’t. Some of the mods that don’t work include the Star Wars Mod, the Babylon 5 mod, etc. The error, and crash that comes right after it, is this:
2/10/2012 - 5::6 - ERROR - FMOD[Failed to create sound] (23) File not found.
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 661

I’ve seen other threads with a similar issues, most of which were solved by a fresh install or updating sound card drivers. I’ve tried both, and they didn’t work at all. I have all the DLCs and I’m on the most recent version of GSB.
System Specs:
CPU: i7 2630M
Nvidia GTX 460M

5::6 - ERROR - FMOD[Failed to create sound] (23) File not found.
This error generally means that there is a a problem with the mod itself - Usually when a weapon uses a sound file that is not there. (also it could refer to the music if memory serves)

I’ve looked through the Star Wars mod thread and I’ve seen other people having this problem…and solving it themselves, sadly, they don’t post how! And the search for a solution continues, any/all help would be apprieciated.