Test Patch 1.18 now

If you feel adventurous, back up ALL your stuff (game folder and the mydocs part) and then give this patch a go:

positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … eta118.exe

  1. New multi-threaded asynchronous wonder-message keeps you updated while new challenge lists get downloaded. ooh :smiley:
  2. unusable ship icons on deployment screen now have a tooltip that explains exactly why each one can not be used.
  3. Icons on the fleet HQ window are now sorted in order of expenses, with already-unlocked icons pushed to the end.
  4. Gratuitous cinematic wipes added.
  5. There is a new option ‘run in background’ to let the game continue running while you use another program.
  6. The order of modules in the ship design screen module-picker is now organised around module type and capabilities, so less confusing :smiley:
  7. Added new graphics for federation megaton missile turret and cruiser light shields to make visually recognizing the modules a bit easier, also changed some of the graphics used by certain modules.
  8. Fixed crash bug if you assign 2 ships to have formations with each other, then start the game.
  9. Revamp of the whole unlocking system, where the amounts all changed, and you now have to unlock certain ship hulls and races as well as modules.
  10. ECM shock renamed to EMP cannon.
  11. Some balancing of the achilles fighter.

Feedback very welcome. If there are no enw bugs or crashes or disasters I’ll be releasing this to everyone properly late today or maybe tomorrow morning.
PLEASE NOTE THIS PATCH WILL MEAN SOME PREVIOUSLY USABLE STUFF IS NOW LOCKED. (some people might be miffed by that, if you don’t have the honor handy to unlock them).

Trying to find a “run in background button” I eventually simply minimized the game (but it had been running Full Screen). It stops making noise when minimized (different from 1.17) and starts up again when maximized. Unfortunately, it maximizes to an all black screen! I have no idea what’s going on, other than sometimes some beam weapons are being used.

[edit]Windowed mode appears to work, this is just full screen. But in windowed mode, I can’t see the current armor thickness when I’m in the ship editor (1280x800 window).[/edit]

Most people seem to have the game happily being alt+tabbed and back, but some do not, and AFAIK, this always works fine windowed. That option is mainly there for people running it windowed, where you have another program overlapping it (like a web browser). Does it work ok if it’s in windowed mode?

Mostly I like the update, but for the record I very much do not like the wipe effect.

Don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m most impressed with the speed of updates. Great work especially for a one man team.

What are those wipe effects?

Also could the black screen be caused by first alt+tabbing out of the game then CLICKING it in the task bar to make it come back.

OR maybe someone uses windows button to force popup the windows start menu which usually leads to minimizing of full screen programs and then when they try to alt+tab back in the game or click it on the task bar it gives the black screen.

This black screen happened to me too once but I didn’t pay so much attention what key combinations I used to get out of the game and get in the game.

1.18 is now live. If you grabbed it from here, please re-grab it, and re-run it to fix a race selection bug.

My wipe effects are nicked from star wars, I love them. maybe I love them a bit too much, but hey :smiley:
If more people hate them than like them, I can speed em up or make em optional.

this is baaaaaad… first of all, i saw the topic and read that the update is now live, so i started the game… and no update. so i went back and downloaded the attached .exe. but, when it installed, i played the game, and no changes were made. which sucks. how do i get the update?

Two observations about this patch so far

The Good:
When I speed up the game, it actually speeds up instead of lagging like its choking on resources.
edit ah, youtube and other things with sound is the culprit. guess i need to play around with sound settings.

The Bad:
I switched to Empire after I bought them and I cannot switch back to Federation on any battle. They are “unavailable”
edit I haven’t finished every map on normal yet either.

can someone answer my question? after all, it seems to be working for everyone else. plus, i don’t want 1.17 to be my last patch, especially if there’s more than just 1.18!

Just make sure you install it in the proper directory. Since I got this through Stardock, mine was in program files/positech games/gratuitous space battles

hmm… i’ll try one more time. but it already looked like it was in the right folder…

this is insane. i’m doing everything i did before, and it’s not working! I don’t understand! I’m going to try EVERYTHING i can think of. hopefully uninstalling then reinstalling will work…

this is even MORE insane. just a new patch, i thought. yay, i wondered what new changes are in store for me. but no, unspeakable horrors awaited me… THE GAME WON’T START! i uninstalled the game, ran the patch, and when i double click the icon to play the game… nothing happens. but when i select and run the 1.18 patch icon, it installs and when i click run GSB now, the game pops up but i get an error:

Module Type not found
->fighter_antifighter_missile:…/src/SIM_ShipModuleType.cpp 289

I looked at the file and compared it with another, and it looked fine to me. but i deleted it anyway, removed it completely, and the error still popped up. another thing is that it didn’t show up in the errors section. in fact, there was no errors section at all. i saved the patch to C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles Beta. Where i play the game is dylan/crossover games/Gratuitous SPace Battles Beta/GSB.exe. and when i save there, another entire folder pops up! this is VERY unfair, the universe must hate me… no, seriously…

I’M SAVED! Well, kind of. Everything’s working except for the error, which, unfortunately, crashes the game. but scratch everything else. so, anyone know how to fix the error? anyone?

wait, no, i see the problem. i just have to reinstall all the mods i did. shouldn’t take long.

Grrr. It should be simple. But no, no. It’s NEVER simple. Cliff, I hope you have a fix, because i have corrected the errors that pop up, but when i press ANY button (except for exit and manual) on the main menu, the game freezes and i have to quit. any idea why? EDIT: Ok, here’s the error. (they’re actually several, but i think they’re all about the same thing.

21/10/2009 - 0::17 - D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY
21/10/2009 - 0::17 - Error creating texture:[$s]
21/10/2009 - 0::17 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_Transition.cpp,linenum:40,build:Beta 1.18

are you an admin? whats with the decapost. cant you just edit?

no, i am not an admin. and how would that make a difference? i think it’s just a problem with the wipe transitions. (although i don’t know how to fix them) as for me simply not editing my posts? shrug dunno. just didn’t feel like it was a good idea at the time. plus, here was one of my reasons: now the imperial cruisers rule most of the posts. muahahahahahaha >:D

If you get into major problems, just uninstalling the game entirely, and deleting all trace of it, then re-downloading it and installing from your original link will do the trick. The full installer is always updated each patch-day to be the very latest version.