Optional patch 1.20 available for testing

If you want to test this:

BACK up your entire program files\Gratuitous Space Battles beta folder and the
\MyDocuments\MyGames\Gratuitous Space Battles folder

Then install this patch:
positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … eta120.exe

And see what you think, any comment much appreciated. Changes are:


  1. Optimisation so that selecting many ships on the deployment screen does not slow down on lower spec machines.
  2. You can now select the change race button to browse races even when they are not selectable.
  3. Optimized drawing the challenge browser so its much faster on older PCs.
  4. New window lets you view who played the challenges you submitted, and when.
  5. Challenge browser now defaults to sorting by date
  6. New module type: Carrier Support module allows for mid-battle fighter repairs.
  7. Fighters no longer fly en-masse above other ships, but are now more realistically distributed so they fly above and below cruisers for added 3dness :smiley:
  8. Fixed crash if the game loaded an old challengelist file with missing data.[/code]

This will stay up for a few days possibly, as I’m away at a games conferencey thing Wednesday/Thursday.

EDIT: This patch has been updated, re grab and run it now if you installed this one before!

^^ I like the idea of fighters flying above and below other ships but what about missing projectiles? Or are those fighters preset so that game picks random fighters which it will then draw first and then which fighters are left will get drawn last so they will get drawn on top of ships?

So the fighters can’t change their “height” during a match, right? Like they can’t fly first above a ship and then under it?

got an error when i use the new carrier module or reinforced carrier module:

27/10/2009 - 22::23 - D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY
27/10/2009 - 22::23 - Error creating texture:[$s]
27/10/2009 - 22::23 - unknown module:…\src\SIM_Ship.cpp 355

i’m pretty sure it’s because the installer DIDN’T replace GSB.exe for some reason. but the carrier modules were still possible to unlock, and my GSB menu said 1.19, although the changes stated in 1.20 were seen. any ideas on how to fix?

Eeek. one other person had a similar issue. no idea why some systems set gsb.exe to not be overwritable. Anyway if you delete that exe and re-run the patch it should be fine.

They currently don’t change unless they have to, to pop under a carrier, but the tech exists for them to change, it’s just not ideal because its slow to calculate.

thanks, it works now! carrier modules now save me from certain defeat! :smiley:

I would sure like to see debris be able to ‘fade’ away after a time in the survival battle. I play this game on my laptop a lot which has significantly less horsepower than I would like and the last few times I played it, the 4x speed was as fast or slower than 1x mode. I like to have it around, but the option to have it slowly disappear would be great for older/underpowered machines.

that could well be the sound system. turn off ‘pitch shift sounds’ under options, and it may run much faster

If you grabbed this patch before for testing, please re-download and re-run it to make sure you are up to date with the now final and official 1.20 version, as I fixed a few minor things.

Just got the newest version, I think it was 1.21 and tried it twice, once with the sounds off, one with them on and I still have the same behavior. I downloaded fraps to check frame rate and I start the battle at a solid 60FPS, and it keeps slowing as ships are destroyed till I level off at 13-16 FPS. once my FPS drops, i can scroll to the upper right where the battle hasn’t taken place and I get 60fps again. I then scroll back to the fight and debris field and drop back down to 13-16FPS. I am running vista ultimate 32-bit SP2, core 2 duo @ 2.2 GHz, 2 GB ram, nivida quadro NVS 140M.

Just thought i would update you on this. Its not a big deal, but its the only thing I have noticed while playing that was worth mentioning other than I love playing this and am having a good time :slight_smile:

it might be the shader used to fade out the space hulks, in which case trying to toggle off shaders under options, or toggle off hulks should give you a big speed boost.

After your last suggestion, the games runs smooth and slick for the whole battle. Thanks for the tips!