[BUG]? Drugs above 300 value not counted

I revisited “Big Money Products” to test a new approach and the game doesn’t seem to be counting ‘combined value above $300’ correctly.

I renamed 8 drugs that show value > $300 for explanation purposes. Only 6 of them appear in the goal. #6 and #8 are not counted and IDK if it is a bug or misunderstanding on my part. Had thought they were counted much like patent ‘uniqueness’, i.e. a combo of Delivery method (pill, cream, etc.) + Cure + possible_more_cure(s) + effect(s) determines if it is ‘unique’.

#6 s different from #1 b/c it has side effect (the creamer has upgraded 3 levels so it IS reduced, but its still there)
#8 s different from #1 b/c it has side effect + it is a pill (vs cream)

If #8 is not counted b/c changing from cream to pill and/or having an additional side effect doesn’t matter, why are both #2 and #4 counted (similar differences - Pill vs cream and effect vs no effect).


I can see than both 6 and 8 are selling less than 10 a month. Maybe they are not produced anymore? You must be actually providing those drugs for they to count for the objectives. Drugs which are not being sold does not count. When you make a new version of a pill or convert it to a cream reusing the previously existant production line, you will stop producing it’s predecesor, so it will no longer count for the objective.

thanks for the response.

I had just started both of them… Will investigate running longer… but not sure why 1 vs 5 vs 15 should matter toward the goal.

These were new lines, not modifications of previous lines (you can infer, but not verify, b/c the #1 line is producing 15/month- I didn’t cannibalize that line for #6 nor #8)

I don’t think is something related to having same cures, because 1, 6 and 8 are not the only ones which are holding the same cures (2 and 4 have the same cures, as well).

Maybe it is because of using a packer? Objective trigger could be checking which drugs have been exported each day on the factory, so if each day the drug exported on a socket connected to packers changes, it will not allways recognize that these drugs are being produced an exported.

It has to be unique cures.

8 == 1 == 6

If that were true why does both 2 and 4 get ‘counted’ ? (both AntiSeizure + Remove Warts, but cream vs pill and side effect vs no effect)

Well, Tim had his holiday. Now I’ll have mine.
Will check on this when I return.

It is indeed about unique cures. To quote the text on the main menu screen:

“Simultaneously supply 3 products treating different cures, with combined value per sale above $300.”

I now see that I need to mention the bit about “treating different cures” in-game too:

“Currently supplying 6 products with combined value per sale above $300”

Should say:

“Currently supplying 6 products treating different cures with combined value per sale above $300”

The only thing that remains is for me to prove that it is counting the unique cures correctly, here we go:

1 - Stroke catcher => Reduces Stroke Risk
2 - Warty Growth Stomper => Antizeizure
3 - Bumber Erecto => Alleviates Erectile Dysfunction
4 - Wart Growth Bane => Removes Warts
5 - Nibble Stomper => Appetite Suppressant
6 - Stroke Relieve Issue => Ignored due to duplication
7 - Functional Love Ache => Painkiller
8 - Stroke-No-More => Ignored due to duplication

So a total of 6, as reported. Now the weird thing about this, you’ll notice, is that number 4 and 2 are actually counted as two products because they treat two separate cures. The idea when implementing this, was to force the player to reach at least 8 different cures rather than just supply 8 products with the same cure but with a nominal change in concentration, product type or side-effect.

Now that I look back at it, it seems a bit wonky. I should probably have tied uniqueness to a set of cures rather than to the requirement that it has at least one cure different to an existing product. I might make that switch in a future update or I might leave it how it is. I’m painfully aware that every little tweak has the potential to introduce new bugs.

" treating different cures" makes sense now, thanks. I guess the “Currently supplying 6 products…” confuses it a bit (for me).

Knowing this, I think my strategy would change. Was trying to get a few higher level cures, but really I just need one (above $300) and then combine that w/ 7 other 1st level cures.

In v1.02.00 I’ve actually tweaked this now. It now counts any unique set of cures as a different product for the purposes of this challenge.

So this would now count number 4 and 2 as the same. But 7 and 3 are still different.

Yes, you are correct in saying that mixing a level 3 with lots of different level 1 cures would be a good solution to this scenario.