Creamer value added bug?

In the 2 images in this gallery,5zVRYSs#0 , 2 products are shown, both have the exact same chemical makeup, only, one’s been creamed and one pilled.
The combined value of the pill is $66 more then the creamed medication. This makes no sense, as the creamer increases the combined value by $10 more then the piller (by $7 in this game with one upgrade in pillers). The negative effect should also be of less concentration in the cream then the pill, increasing it’s value, wouldn’t it?

Not sure if this is me incorrectly understanding the games mechanics or an actual bug.

With a recent update the Creamer is now more expensive (and that is shown in the processing costs with a $10 difference). And additionally it might be that pilled drug has already a better score and is thus more valuable than from the beginning. The creamed drug may be too new that it’s still on a C rating as it’s value is exactly $114+$30. I don’t know the percentages in my head but ($114+$23)x1.25 is about $171 so maybe it’s rating is so good that you can sell it to a 25% higher price.

Thanks for the informative reply,after having run the line for a number of months, the profit difference is $11 which is much closer to the difference in creamer and piller costs. After having looked at the cure ratings, I see the pill is A while the cream is B+. There seems to be some interaction I’m not aware of here.
Why does creaming it lower the cure rating (or pilling increase it) if the concentration of the cure remains the same while the negative effects should be less effective in the cream?

I’m guessing creaming something lowers its rating since it’s not being ingested internally, but this isn’t something I’ve seen mentioned in the tutorial or the creamer’s tooltips?

The Pill line still has run longer then the Cream, so if you have perfect cure concentration, the rating will be high even with side-effects.

It’s probably just edged into A while the Cream still needs the difference in months… if it still remains that way after a few more months, copy the save and either post it here or e-mail it to the devs with a description of the suspected bug.