Bug regarding community policing

Hi, i tried this with several countries (France, Japan, UK) so i think it is safe to say that it applies to all the countries in the game, but there is no cost to increasing community policing. It is also always 100% popularity with voters, i don’t know if it’s like that because it is popular (i personnaly like it) or it’s another bug. When other policies have 100% popularity they normally have a minimum cost of 1 political power.


Thanks for noticing this, I’m sure Cliff will address this. I think I did see a few more policies which had a similar bug.


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Thanks, Franz! Means a lot to me! :slight_smile:

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The 100% popularity with voters or 0% popularity voters usually comes from the targetted demographics that it affects within the policy.

It gets 100% popularity here because there’s literally nobody to upset!

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Hmmm…that’s possible.

Yeah ppl who don’t hold any opinion toward a said policy have no effect on the popularity of that policy.

And I’m not sure whether 0 pol cap cost on raise should be considered as a bug or not. At least it’s working just as written in the policies.csv file and community policing has been a pretty cheap policy since D3. I’d expect some nerf here since it sounds like a super-cheap must-have policy but zero PC cost isn’t the OP-est part.

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Are there policies in real life with very little pol cost?

There are lots fo real life policies with very little political cost, but the taxes that you need to fund them do have a large political cost.

Is the fixation about tax uniquely American or Anglo-Saxon? Would it be applicable to other countries?