burglar bug?

I have burglar alarm, but I got robbed twice. Is this a bug?

Buy a dog. Mine has fought off burglars several times.

hmm I am not sure… I used to buy the dog but apart from the trouble about buying dog food and complaints of spending time with the dog - I think I sometimes got burgled so now I save up for the alarm which so far has always worked.
Perhaps there is a certain percentage of chance that those methods work?

Thus far I’ve played a few times through the game (the full 10 years) and I have always saved for a burglar alarm first. After buying it I never once had a problem with having my house robbed (getting mugged is a different story).

If you are still getting robbed after getting the alarm (and you have the latest release version of the game (1.05 I believe)) then I’d suggest e-mailing cliff (cliff@positech.co.uk) your save game, detailing the problem.

Wayno, never gets successfully mugged after learning Kung Fu!

Buy a dog is an internet meme from a Fox News report. Here’s a site explaining about it:
(site might not be work safe, but this article there is funny)