Campaign bug report


Dunno what this is, but its impacted my ability to spend. Sceen shot attached for Cliffs info. Note the gobbledegook in the Maintenance & Cash totals.

Hmmm, just got an error message “Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.” so I can’t post the screen shot. I’ll email it to Cliff instead.


I bet this is the thing where the cash and maintenance counters suddenly go haywire?
This seems to happen very very rarely, and not to everyone. I 8suspect* it is fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling everything (not just the campaign). However, i am not 100% sure of that. if I can actually replicate it on my machine, it will be fixed immediately :smiley:
I thought once it was to do with captured enemy ships, but that appears to be a dead end… if anyone knows what seemed to trigger it, then I am desperate to know. I think it first happens when a maintenance value goes wrong.
Either way, I’ll put some debug checks into the next patch to try and catch it better.

This has happened to me several times, though funnily i didn’t think to mention it sooner. It happened to me when purchasing a new ship. Now i can’t remember if it was a ship i had built from within the campaign, i think it may have been. also i may have on at least one occasion repaired or captured an enemy ship.

i hope this helps.