[Campaign UI] Fleet window

The fleet window does not work for large fleets. Playing frigate spam with swarm, and I may have over 100 damaged ships mixed with 100 good ships. I have to manually hunt and peck each damaged frigate out (ctrl click to drag doesn’t do enough).

You need a “split fleet” or “sort by damage” or other tools to manage those ships in the window.

Topic 2:
The repair window does not work for frigate fleets. Between:
Repair All (229 cr)
Repair Fleet
it needs
Repair Possible

Like so:
Repair All (229 cr)
Repair Possible (credit count)
Repair Fleet

2 clicking to repair each frigate when I have ~50 to repair is painful!!! So if my money is the limit or the shipyard is the limit I can one click repair to my limit.

i use mainly cruisers but its still a pain in the arse
not to mention the turn credit limits on repair yards and shipyards are just killing me…
(sometimes literally)