Can you tell the difference?

I’m improving GSB a little bit. Can you tell how? :smiley:

Yes i can . . :smiley:
[size=5]It looks like the awesome explosions from GTB have found their way into GSB . . . (for the people who have yet to play GTB: visual distortion caused from the shockwave.)[/size]

I see what darkstar sees. And it is awesome.

[size=10][kneel before Zod]I salute you, Cliff.[/kneel before Zod][/size]

It looks way better in moving form. But I have other stuff I want to add first :smiley:

Such as??? While the shockwave effect is very cool to behold, I’m looking forward to some new player-operable functionality thingies, also. Thanks.

That is good news
Do we get a hint on what your working on ?

Excelent I love suprises :slight_smile:
Like Archduke - I am hoping that some of the suggestions in the suggestions forum are making their way into Cliff’s “holiday” activities

Use the Forum, Cliffski

I’m working on some big scary feature, that I am determined not to show until it works perfectly. Once it does, I’ll try and take a look at people’s wishlists for extra stuff.
The shockwave and other distortion effects were already in gratuitous tank battles, which is why I thought it would be relatively quick to port them to GSB

I’m hoping that the new wave effect will be part of a new faction…

I just realized that he is viewing an enemy ship’s information!

Yea i see that now too, He is using fed ships but the ship information is from the empire me thinks.

Agreed. If we are all not just seeing things, I suspect Cliff has just pulled off quite a coup there (based on the volume of people that have suggested exactly this function).

So now our designs become have become completely public and there is no way to try and hide or keep our designs somewhat secret? I am not sure I agree with that. Now you can instantly create a counter or copy someones design. I know it was not far off with the ability to count weapons and check shield absorption/armour stats but this makes it a little too easy to counter.

Okay. Now that tattoo is starting to sting.

It might be something Cliffski uses for testing…

I was waiting for a voice of reason to bring that up. While none of us plebians (incl. myself) knows for sure how cliffski accomplished what they saw, rather than eventually giving us an infallible X-ray view into enemy ships’ loadouts, there’s also the non-zero chance that the data in his screenshot is simply from some god-mode developer tool that none of us will ever have. I see no reason for dismay, panic or outrage here.

It is indeed an interesting effect.

Not to start a panic but the title does say Can you see the difference and Well that is something new so we pointed it out and people panic …

Neophobes. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is true, at the moment. It would be trivial to include it in the game, maybe cool to have a scanner module that showed it for ships with X radius?

The scanner module would only be useful if it also gave the ship a bonus. Maybe as part of the tracking booster module? That would give it a use.

what is with you people and “bonuses”