Send me some challenges!!!

I think it would be more fun to take direct challenges. So some of you players out there hit me with a few challenges… It’l probably take me 20 tries to beat them, but it’l be fun. =) In-game name is “Falkenberg”. Bring it!!!

I can’t seem to post to that name, are you sure that’s it?

Unless the problem is on my end somehow, but I can post to my own name…

Crud… I wonder if it has something to do with using the key on two computers. Now that I look, none of my recent attempts at challenges are showing up either. Guess I better have a look. Let me know if anybody else tries and fails(or succeeds) in posting a challenge for me.

Seems to work now. Hopefully I wasn’t misspelling the name, that’d be kinda embarrasing.

Sent you a thing. The secret ingredient is lasers.

I sent you the only one I made so far, my nickname is the same in-game, I hope you enjoy it!

sent something that resembles a coward fleet

Busy weekend. I’m getting to them. I’m switching to Rebel, mostly because I like how they look. This means creating everything new. =) PREPARE TO BE BOARDED!