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Hi Folks!

I enjoy the GSB people a lot, if you’d like to talk over a challenge in more depth, heres the place to do it.

The CIA Current Top 10:

  1. Little Big Horn
  2. Dirty Bird
  3. Attack Force Kick Your Ass
  4. Box Lunch
  5. Flock of Seagulls
  6. Lock n Load
  7. Little Pointy Things That go Boom
  8. Just 1 Ship
  9. Get er Done!
  10. Slice and Dice

Sort the to/from column to see all the cia challenges together.

Challenges that have yet to be beaten:

Air War 3000
Tribe is good Humus
Triple Threat
Frig This
In Like Flint
Not Really Very Fair
Swarm Swarm
Push Play
Even More Luck Required
You should actually probably tremble
Low Riders
Alley Fight
Just for Fun
Bug Zapper
Avon Calling
Split Back
Mass Air
Fed Air
The Federales!
Dirty Bird 2–the Revenge
Ace Kicker
90 degree Wrong Angle
Big Bird

Some favorites? I like the spacestation series, people loved them and they are easy. The WWII scenarios like Midway and Guadacanal Diary are fun too:)

Anway, thats start. I like a lot of air, cruiser gunships, I almost never use “tanks” and I think its fun to generally follow the battle scenarios. Tribe, Rebel, and Swarm seem to be my favorites, but have fleets for everyone but The Order, who I can’t seem to get to do much (lousy fighters).

Thats it! Feedback welcome,


Chris (cia)

OHHHH! I forgot the most important part.


Its not yet available for Mac and I won’t be able to play your retal (happens several times a day).

Actually, they’ve been available for the past seven days and counting. It pays to check the other subforums on occasion! :smiley:

That is SOOO cool!

BTW, I check the Mac forum everyday looking for this news, it still isn’t their–you might post it there!

Now, I’ve already bought parasites that didn’t work, if I can get a key I’ll be good. I wrote Red Marble, hopefully they will set me up.

OF COURSE wouldn’t you know I just deleted a milllion parasite challenges, oh well:)

Thanks for the 411!!!

Red Marble totally set me up…Thanks Guys!!!

Love the update, so happy to be able to play all retals.

Oh, and yeah, I can design a whole new fleet!!!

Thanks again,

Chris (cia)


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could mix fleets? Get rebel fighters with a tribe cruiser, maybe swarm frigates and an imperial carrier:)

Yes, it would.