Does anyone know a good way to boost your confidence?

You can try these: read a couple of confidence building books, associate with friends who raise your confidence, or drink alcohol (this raises it temporarily). You could also win a game of bowling.

Raising Confidence:
0. Be drunk (this is by far the easiest MASSIVE boost, albeit the most temporary, just watch out for those AA invites :p)

  1. Complete either the cryptic or normal crosswords
  2. Go to the dentist
  3. Win a bowling match
  4. Arrest a mugger
  5. Perform well at your job
  6. Attend a “Team-Building”, “Musical Jam Session”, “Royal Society Lecture” or “Journalism Awards” event
  7. Complete a course
  8. Get a promotion / Receive a job offer
  9. Have a girlfriend/boyfriend
    10.Read the confidence boosting books (“Building Confidence”, “Total Confidence”, “How to be good at Public Speaking”)
    11.Driving to work (the more expensive car the better the confidence boost)
    12.Wear a suit or fashionable clothes and/or sunglasses

Lowering Confidence: (basically the opposite to everything about, but also…)

  1. Being unemployed
  2. Not having enough money for a service
  3. Being rejected by a restaurant
  4. Being rejected by a friend-of-a-friend
  5. Getting kicked-off the bowling team

I’m sure there’s a TON more, but those should help you get started :slight_smile:

Wayno, thinking about slumberland, and being a TV Chef

I’ve never been invited to any of these. What conditions must be met before I get invited?

These happen late in the game when you reach certain (hidden) values, such as high kudos or IQ / Culture etc.

I got the team building one in one game when I was a lawyer, but I still haven’t been invited to any of the other three. I haven’t been very successful in those fields yet, though. :frowning: