Happy & Confident

Is there a trick to keeping your character happy and confident? I’ve tried everything I can think of!!! I can’t get any new jobs because my character is too miserable.

I know that there are two books that will help with confidence (and certain types of friends and outings have the chance to help as well). I try to space the books out to when I need it or right before I’m going to interview for a new job.

As far as happy goes…I have had mixed results with this…having a good outing will help, promotions, new jobs (more money) and sometimes watching tv (I could be wrong about that one…)

Hope that helps!

If you can save up the money, I believe that buying the smart clothes helps confidence. Also, going on social events with confident people helps.

Get a girlfriend/boyfriend… That definitely helps for happiness…

playing sports you are good at helps too. learn a sport, then play against people who are no good for an instant confidence boost :smiley:

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try it!

Absolutely. As that relationship improves, you’ll see your character go off into Happy-Happy Land. :slight_smile:

A relationship is the best thing to do. I think the pets help with happiness.

A steady partner is, indeed, one of the best for maintaining Happiness. Also, buy a joke book and read it when you need a shot of Happiness. Keep raising the Happiness bar, and it takes longer for your Happiness to wear down to the red. Also, going on outings with Happy friends (or is it called Friendly?) is good.

As for confidence, it’s much the same in that the higher you can get the bar, the more it takes to get it to the red. In the beginning, I like to have one of three books on hand, if not all three to read one after the other: Perfect Public Speaking, Build Confidence in 21 Days, and well, it’s something with Confidence in the title but I can’t remember the exact title! Confident friends are wonderful. (If you can swing a boy/girlfriend who is Confident, you will get a great boost in both Confidence and Happiness.) Ooh, and arresting a would-be mugger (complete a Kung Fu or Kick Boxing course) will have you on a Happy, Confident cloud for days!

I just started playing the game how do you get a girlfriend/boyfriend?

spen enough time with someone with high attractiveness, and as long as they enjoy themselves, they will ask you on a date.

Oh ok Thanks Cliffski.