Crashes with 'std::length_error'


I just bought the game from the HIB but have problems with starting it on my notebook.
It instantly crashes at the loading-screen with following errors in the terminal:

david@david-laptop:~/Öffentlich/GSB$ ./GSB.bin.x86_64 terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error' what(): basic_string::resize Abgebrochen david@david-laptop:~/Öffentlich/GSB$

This error occurs both in fullscreen- and windowed-mode.

Distribution: Ubuntu 11.10 64bit (3.0.0-14-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP)
Desktop environment: Unity
Screen-resolution: 1366x768
Graphics-card: AMD Radeon HD 6300 series (integrated)
Driver-Version: Catalyst 11.8
OpenGL-Version: 4.1.11005

Is there anything else you need to know (i did not find log files in the .positech folder)?

Thank for your help.

ps: hope you can understand me, English isn’t my first language.


Move it to a folder with just standard ASCII. I need to make a small tweak to allow it to work in UTF-8 folders…

Thanks for your quick answer, even though it was weekend. :slight_smile:

Moving the game solved my problem. Hope you guys can work out the issue with UTF-8 folders.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for porting the game to linux so we can enjoy it too. :slight_smile: