Crossword Question

Have have the “boring” paper but no option in solo events to do the crossward?/???

I can’t get the crossword to work either. My only option is to sell the paper back once Ive bought it. Anybody?

What level are you at with the IQ ?

Can you do the other crossword ?

Where did you get the game from ?

Where is the other crossword? I only have two papers (Tabloid or Broadstreet) and can’t find a crossword in either of them. Only options is to buy or sell paper not read or do any crosswords.

I got the game from BigFish games unfortunately as I had never heard of this company or the game at the time. Had I known I would have gotten it directly from Positech as it apparently has tons of features my game doesn’t. :frowning:

IQ is currently 54%

Hmm, IQ is high enough.

The “boring” / cryptic crossword is accessible when you have the broadsheet, and the easier crossword is when you have the tabloid.

Seems like the BF version doesn’t have them !

I wonder if it’s possible have the Positech, BF and Reflexive versions all installed to see any differences ? ( Not neccessarily all running though )

I guess I could try to download the Positech demo to see if there’s a difference. What/where’s the Reflexive version?

I have the mac version from Big Fish, and even though I had both papers, the only crossword that was available was the broadsheet one.
Made me wonder why I bothered having the second paper at all.