Custom outfits and hair

Hi Cliff

The big thing that would make it easier to sell this game to sims players is if they’re able to extract the bmp and make their own custom outfits… It will keep the Sims players hooked on playing the games for longer, they really only play the game for about the month, then they go tweak it. If you can’t look at it for this version, can you look at providing a simple tool to import an outfit into the game for Kudos 3?


I don’t have the game at the office, but if I remember correctly, it’s a matter of simply converting the .bmp to .dds. I’ll take a look in further detail tonight.

– Lee

I plan to put together a proper guide on this at some point this week. Basically each item of clothing is a separate ‘dds’ file. There are dds exporters for most graphics programs.

That’d be good… because if you can make it easy for them to do that, it’s going to rope in more of the Sims players… They’ve been used to being able to do that easily since the beginning of Sims 2… I’m even happy to make some myself, I’ve made CC for the Sims for years.

Just posted:

:smiley: Ha! Alphas… I have already played with them heavily in Sims… I’ll just need to get my head around the logic of this a bit. I want to make some dresses for the characters, I’ll have a play on the weekend and see if I can come up with something decent.

Thank you so much for posting this :slight_smile:

I have to say that a lot of this stuff is not really everyday person assessable. I’m not a computer wiz… but I do wish there were more options for the look of my character… but I have no idea what anyone is talking about. I suppose I just wished it were more assessable to more people…