Damn it Jim.. I need a doctor, not a damn quote from a show

So… how do you become better when you catch a cold or a flu or a virus or whatever else.

Jogging or taking a bubble bath seem to help.

But don’t jog if it’s raining :slight_smile:

I found that out the hard way. I was a penniless waitress and got a cold. It was rainy and I did the jogging thing because I was out of money. The worst part was I couldn’t get better so I couldn’t work and I had a cat. The good thing is the cat didn’t starve, but ran away. I quit that game after that.

I believe Cliffski once mentioned that while sick, you have to clean your house before you have a chance to get healthy again (I’ll let him confirm this though). Cleaning the house and then sleeping on the couch tend to work for me.

Jogging in the rain will get you sick in a hurry. :slight_smile: