What are Kudos used for?

I’ve just started the game, and I am trying to understand, what is the actual point of having/getting Kudos?

I guess I’ve come across another question. My guy keeps CONSTANTLY getting a cold. I have him take a bath and clean the house each once a week (normally just do both on Sunday) and I have it set at easy. I have also had my guy learn Food Hygiene (which he has completed). So how do I stop him from having these constant colds?

Kudos, the game, is about improving yourself.
Kudos, the dictionary, is achieving your goal(s) and receiving praise and admiration for it/them.

Do you go out jogging in the rain … in the winter with snow around ?
Either / both of those won’t help your health.
Other than that … just your bad luck!

I understand the cold [thanks], but on the Kudos, I meant in the game, there is a thing called Kudos next to money. You get kudos for doing some things socially. What are they actually used for?

some jobs demand kudos, such as some music and acting jobs, kudos is also used to get you decent tables in good restaurants.

Oh okay, thanks. But so in the medical career there’s not too much use?

not if you don’t eat out :smiley: