reducing or preventing illness

I am getting annoyed by how often my character gets ill - she spends a good proportion of her time bathing and cleaning the house and another lot jogging and swimming to raise fitness and health, and still she gets ill.

I just tried changing these two lines to 0:

but still had another bout of illness in a few turns. I tried a new character in case the chances didn’t take in my saved game, but that character got sick within the first two weeks as well. Should I change those values to something else, or what else can I do?

Sorry i’m no help at all on modding, but i’m wondering… do you buy any of your chars umbrellas? They sound like they are getting sick a lot, and i’ve only had two sicknesses through an 8 year game, and one was before I bought my umbrella.

Oh, I hadn’t thought about that … I figured the bus meant you didn’t get that wet, and mostly they are catching the bus. But of course they’ll have to walk to the bus - thanks for the idea!

having the odd bath, keeping the house clean (especially if you have pets) and owning an umbrella will reduce illness, as will staying healthy and fit.