Demo Problem

Hey. I just found out about this game and am exceedingly excited to give it a try. I download the Democracy 2 Demo off of, then proceeded to install it. When I came to play the game, I received this error report:

After I clicked ‘OK’ out of this error message a commen error report screen popped up explaining the usual; wanting me to send my error report to Microsoft. After I clicked ‘Send Report’, the program closed out.

Please tell me what is wrong/what I must fix to get the Democracy 2 Demo to work properly. Thank you.

Thats a failure of the game to use directx. I’m assuming you have windows98 or alter, and thus have directx :smiley: But it might be that your video card has old (or buggy) drivers, and you can fix that here:

Damn. I get the same type of error for almost every game I have. Direct X failed or cannot be located. I have Windows XP, and an ATI Radeon 9550. It is such a crappy graphics card, and has not worked from the get go. But since it had installation problems, by the time we realized it didn’t work properly, the warranty ran out.

So yeah, it’s a buggy graphics card. My whole computer has problems. I’ll probably just replace the whole thing for a nice new one this summer. So, I’ll be sure to check back with Democracy then.

Thanks anyways.