Error message???


Encountered the following while trying to attempt a challenge. Does anyone know what’s the issue here?

BTW I’m a Mac player using Steam, with all the expansions except Parasites and Outcasts.


What is your GSB’s version number?


This thread should be in the Support forum. Moving it now…


Oops, my apologies.



That could be the problem. GSB for Windows (i.e., the mainline version of the game) is now at 1.62 – the Mac version ported over to OS X by Red Marble Games seems to be very far behind! I know a new AI behaviour was added a few patches ago. Do you have the option for the combat order called “Last Stand”?

EDIT: That’s not it… Movement was redone in v1.61 though. Could that be related?


I don’t have the “Last Stand” order >< That might be the problem =(

Alas… the Mac community receives a little less love. But I’m used to it.


It was added back in v1.54 on Windows, which was several months ago at least. I think it may have even been pre-Parasites, pre-Outcasts for sure. You sure you’ve got the latest Mac patch?


Well… I bought the game off Steam after Christmas last year, and thus far there hasn’t been any updates yet.