Error: SetRenderTarget()

When I try to launch the demo of Kudos, I get this error: SetRenderTarget(). It’s a D3D Engine error, according to the bar on the popup.

Since I have no idea what any of that means… Help?

I’m using a Windows XP laptop, by the way.


It sounds like you need to update your video drivers:
That should fix it.

My video driver is S3 Graphics TwisterK HP.

I can’t even find the driver updates for it. I mean, I googled my hands off - nuthin’ except posts talking about it but no actual update or home site for TwisterK drivers.

D’ya know where I can find updates for that driver?


Ah, it might be that your card is just too old to be updated sufficiently to play the game then. sorry ;(


That’s what I get for trying to play new games on a 2002 laptop… Or was it in '01? Hrm.

Is there a way to “change” the graphics card, like you can with memory? On laptops, I mean. I’m assuming not, but just in case…

(Oddly, Starship Tycoon runs fine on my computer, just a few slight blinks. Not that aggravating.)


Which version of drivers are you running right now? I found v6.13.10.1046 at, looks like they were released March 2002. :confused: Still searching around.

You might have already checked there but, has a newer release than the one above. … #id_380drv
I hope this can be of some help. :frowning:

Looking over a thread at for information on swapping your old card for a newer one. One’s advice is to just buy a new laptop, for various reasons like heat and warranty void, etc. Still, it sounds like you can do it, you just need to know exactly what if anything will fit into your particular laptop. Here’s a link for that thread: … 1117253907