kudos d3d engine error windows vista.

I try to play the game and i get the msg (D3D ENGINE ERROR) i am using windows vista. the game runs but nothing is on the screen.
can anyone help?? :frowning:

what video card does your PC have?

Intel graphics media

shudder. the game may work ok if you open up the file ‘config.muf’ from the games data directory and set ColorDepth=16 instead of =32.
It should do that anyway if it detects an intel card, as they are notoriously bad.
All game developers hate intel video cards, they hardly ever work ;(

I have the same problem. I don’t know what to do. My graphics card is a nvidia geforce 9600 gso.

but i am using windows 7.

I’m not sure if this is my problem. I am running Windows 7 home premium and have an Nvidia 8200M graphics card. When I start the main menu everything is fine, but when I start the game itself (with the avatar) a bottom row of the screen stays on the avatar selection page while the rest gives the whole story of “you’re 20 years old etc” so it only half changes the screen?? This didn’t happen on XP so I’m guessing it’s related to vista/windows 7.

I just ran the game (using windows 7) under compatibility mode for vista service pack 2 and disabled the advanced backgrounds (an in game setting) and it works now.