Eve O Mod

This is the Official Post marking the creation of the Eve Online Mod effort.


  • Bring all Eve O races into this game *Most popular Ships
  • Create similar Eve O modules and module strategy into this game
  • Make custom scenarios that have an “eve” feel
  • Skin Menu to fit the theme more
  • Make custom installer

Tasks Completed
Create mod file structure
Created Ship texts and Ship Hull texts for Caldari
Created empty texture files for Caldari Ships
Created empty race chooser image
Created first basic scenario text
Created Caldari Race text

Completed 12/3/09
Created Caldari Raven Graphic
Uploaded screenshots of the test graphic using a tribe cruiser’s text files

Completed 12/8/09
Created Caldari Raven Damaged and destroyed graphics (which is a pod and it looks freaking cool!)
Created Caldari Kestrel Fighter/Bomber Graphic

This is something I’ve been working on myself also.

So far I’ve only played around with what I can do;


Condor image was lifted straight from EVE, and it works in game. I’ve been working on some weapon systems, and I’m currently putting together a Megathron.

I would be happy to steal your Condor image. I’m working on a Raven as we talk here. If you want to pool efforts I would be glad to especially since I plan on doing whatever serious changes are possible with the current game engine and the new modules.

i’d definitely pay for something like this, instead of the tribe

Since I will be releasing it for free unless Cliff scoops this up and puts me into his one man team - I may just make my mod dependent on files from Tribes so you could possibly consider it a two-for-one deal. I really would like to make sure that this game sticks around so I want this game to still be profitable for the developer.

so you’re planning on making it as a mod of the expansion, don’t you? bad idea, this way you cut out all the people who have just the vanilla game (which are usually more).

a shame i’m uncapable to do anything creativity related ^^’ right now i can give you only my full support

I did say “I may just…”

I still have to see what is in the expansion :slight_smile:

Race Select Screen

First test graphic

I’m calling this screenshot that is attached “alpha” but it is probably even less. This is just simply a different graphic using all the settings of a tribe cruiser.

the flashing lights should look good when that is done. I must get that ship editor finished, it makes it so much quicker.

A ship editor!!! Woah, I’m excited!

I’m assuming ship stats/variables and module/effect placement?

I posted another small update/edit to my first post. Once I get done creating all my ship graphics I’ll post some more screens. I didn’t think of the pod idea right away until I started watching the Ravens blow up. It didn’t look right at all seeing them in pieces and then I just realized it made no sense at all because this is an eve mod and there was never debris floating around from the popped ships. I’m going to put pods for Cruisers and Frigates and just leave the fighters alone.


No news yet :slight_smile:

I just got back this morning from a 1200 mile drive from visiting family for the holiday. Things will be more normal for me after the next weekend!

holy crap!!!

/me is a EVE addict

i wish i could help but my skills would probably destroy the mod :stuck_out_tongue:
you just got yourself your first crazed fan that will stalk you wherever you go

lol I got a holiday offer to renew one of my eve accounts for free so I might do that rather than use google images for the pictures…

the new models are SO MUCH better than the old ones
even the Raven actually looks like a ship instead of a scrap pile crossbred with an explosion with the new models/textures

I like the old raven better :slight_smile:

hey x106 any updates on the progress?
im really anxious to see how is the mod progressing

I reactivated my Eve Online account so I can get pictures of all the ships. Re-downloading the client now.

Google images doesn’t have many (if any) top down pictures of most of the ships.

I guess it is also worth mentioning that I’m going to be losing internet and tv at home for a while here as I’m switching companies for better bandwidth and price. Next week I’ll be gone on a conference so progress is slow right now. (especially with Bad Company 2 Beta out now)

bumpity bump?

cmon x106, im grinding down my nails (fingers) with my teeth,hows it going?