Eve-online mod, Caldari and Gallente done



Saddly i think this mod has come to its end. I lost contact with the person that was making the ship and gun models for me. I DO have the Cladari and Gallentte finished and will try to update and push out a release by Christmas or just afterwards.

IF someone wishes to help me and get the Mimatter and Amarr ships and turrets (pre-animated turrets) I will be able to finish this mod out.


This mod is officially DEAD

I am calling this mod dead as ALL the work i did into it is gone! I had it posted up on a few places and I went to go and find them and they were taken down and I had a friendly warning in my message box about uploading copyrighted items. F#CK YOU S.O.P.A.! I sent a message back to them with the e-mail from CCP stating i have rights to use there stuff but they responded back that it can be faked and they will look into the matter and let me know more with TWO MONTHS ! !

Since I do not have my files on my harddrive, nor do i have my back-ups at Hotmail. mediafire, the other place and in dropbox this mod is canceled and now dead defunct.


P.S. This is a sad sad day indeed. HOWEVER! If there is someone out there that can get me the ships, the turrets and make some missile bays, I will start over once more.




What! S.O.P.A was passed! I thought the efforts of major iT firms in America caused a judge to rule that it was unconstitutional and delayed until major revisions were made.


No it is still up to vote, they are just jumping the gun and all that bullsh#t.


I know I had a backup somewhere, I have Caldari and Gallente done and I just need to weaken ALL the modules and restart the balancing. But I have to finish the Corvette, Destroyer and Super-Cruiser mod first but I FOUND the files for this mod.


Can we get some nice ingame screenshots of this? :slight_smile:


There are a few though-out this thread. But I’ll get some more recent ones as a try to Nerf the current module set. I do not know if i have any Gallente pics now to think about it. But I will soon™.



I know this is a side track question but it is about your quoted comment. IF you have permission to use copyrighted information from someone and can prove it. Would you be willing to have a mirror of it. I ask this as I have revisited my eve-online mod And will be attempting to get ahold of Kalthaniell to try and get it rolling once more.

I have been thinking of revisiting and trying to get the last 2 races done and complete this mod out fully.


Have you thought about actually just using top-down pictures of the actual in-game ships? Per ship, if you have an account, would entail openning it up in the preview window, taking a top-down picture, then pringing that pic to a image modification program like photoshop and removing the green nebula in the background.
That way it would be a lot easier, i imagine.


In fact, if you want me to, I could help you acquire the images you need. I’ve actually got the game.


Sorry if this is soo late in response, If you have the game still i would take you up on the offer for the ships. I have a good grasp of picture editing so you can send then to me. Or you can tackle them yourself.


Since Rubicon the background images are different for each race specific ship in the preview window so the lighting on Amarr and Minmatar ships will be different, amarr being greatly brightly. but just send me a list of the ships you need i will work my magic. I can also get some Sansha, Guristas, Angel, Serpentis and such if you want