[Fixed 1.17][Bug 1.16] Build time plus others

Build time has gone off the rocker.
It seems as thou build time is now nearly twice as long as it should be…
Like for example body should take 34min 15secs, its now twice as long… It is VERY noticeably taking a long time to build everything.

This is GAME TIME mind you, not real time.

I’m running out of money before I can get the first car off the line.

Loans are still zero, but I don’t care about loans, I know how to work the game lol

Update: It seems that production stalls till I click on whatever unit it is and bring up its counter/upgrade screen, otherwise it will sit there for a long time.
Look at export unit for example. Cars sit for a long time till you click on it then the cars start flying off at four minute intervals until you close the counter/upgrade screen.

This has been fixed as addressed in this post: