[Fixed 1.15][Bug 1.14] Cars not selling/Stock building up periodically


i just upgraded to the version that came out today, and i notice my unsold car queue is building up but i am barely selling any cars. Is this a bug or working as intended? After one hour of playing i got about 600+ unsold cars.

The pricing algorithm has been changed and is stricter now. I suspect your cars are heavily overpriced? Knock them down 25% and check some sell :smiley:

I had over 100 million, and doing very well, when I updated I was losing millions by the second, and now even setting cars on the lowest -50% they WILL NOT sell after a certain amount of time, got over 500 cars at bottom dollar, nothing happens. The cost to make the car outweighs the cost of selling them now, so I lost 100 million in just a few minutes. Can’t play the game now since it costs more to make the car, even starting out is very hard. Fix this.

What? Overpriced? Not possible! There is NO competition! Plus, my car rock! :slight_smile:

Hi, thats certainly not the usual experience from what I’m reading. You can definitely sell cars at a profit, it may be related to specific upgrades. What are the specs of the car you are currently losing money on?

i have the same issue. my cars are fully upgraded. and not selling at all even at -50%
so i have like 700 cars waiting…
i have another savegame at work, my cars are very basic and still selling at 39% profit or so.
so it seems related to upgrades.

Fully upgraded cars won’t sell now, they sell for a short amount of time and then stop selling after a while. It sells only when upgrades are fresh, when there are no more upgrades I think something is timing out when it requests a checksum after all upgrades are done. This is ridiculous now I can’t even stay in business. Have to hack my save game to keep getting my 100 million back and it just goes away in minutes to unbalanced costs now, like holy crap the cars WILL NOT SELL NO MATTER WHAT!!! Crashes more often now too.

1000 cars in stock with various upgrades and ALL of them at -50% NONE will sell…Game is broken, business keeps failing because of this.

can someone experiencing this send me a saved game to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk? I’ll investigate further…

I have this happening as well. But that is with a 1.05 save, playing at 1.06.
I will check if i have it on a new 1.06 save as well.

I’m also having the same problem.
Fully upgraded cars and they’re just not selling. I’ve had to create two more assembly lines to make the basic cars just to keep my money but even they aren’t selling well.
I have over 1000 cars just sitting and not selling. Please this needs to be re-done.

You guys could stand to actually have some more detailed reports for cliff.

What more details are needed? Cars will not sell, they sit there. Starting new games works but, again, after a short amount of time they don’t sell anymore. They will sell for a short amount of time per new upgrade but then stops. Every game I’ve started now has failed because something is wrong with selling, having to set it at -50% off is not masking ANY money, you lose money because it costs more to make the car.

Where is the save game located? im happy to provide mine

\my documents\my games\production line\savegames.

But actually its a good point if you started a game in 1.05, that may be causing an issue. Definitely worth checking a new game encounters the same problem (my tests suggest not, but I’m happy to be proven wrong :D)

I sent my savegame

I have it with the Big Factory savegame, but not with the Small Factory. Both started at 1.05 and playing at 1.06.
With a game started on 1.06 i didn’t encounter it (yet).
Small Factory.rar (64.3 KB)
Big Factory Test 2.rar (501 KB)

This is really annoying!! if I could go back to 1.05, I would cause I’ve played new game after new game on 1.06 and It still does the same crap. This is frustrating, I lost my mega factory and now I can’t even keep a basic one going, the upgrades time out or something and no one buys anything even at -50% and you QUICKLY lose money because it costs more than that to make it. I’m done until this gets fixed. Spent all day seeing failure after failure. 20-30 minutes into each game and sales stop after all upgrades are done. Ive played 23 new games each doing the same thing, Im exhausted.

Ok, I’m looking at a save game and I think I can tell what it is now. Its a bit too aggressive about very high car-output speeds, and I’ll get this fixed.

Check this topic, Cliff has an idea of what the problem is.: