Freezes on Race Tension


I just had the race riot notification and investigated. I have repeated this a couple of times. The game freezes, when I hover over the Race Tension icon. I can click Race Tension under Race riot and so on, but hovering over Race Tension in the main menu freezes the game.

Let me know if you need any further help to find this bug.


Hmmm, this is a new one. Does this always happen? in other words, if you start a new game and immediately go hover over that icon does it hang then? Which version of the game is it (main menu top right) and what platform?

It is a lenovo laptop X201, win 7.

An earlier savegame of the same game does not have the problem. A new game does not have the problem. It happens every time in the newest save of the game in question.


Beta 1.04

Aha very interesting, could you email me the save game to cliff AT positech dot co DOT uk.


I have the same issue.

I get the Race Riots notification and then the computer (coincidentally a Lenovo (although 64 bit Windows 8) freezes when you hover over the icon.

The game does crash quite frequently, mostly during a quarterly update, but this is the one situation that there seems to be an identifiable cause.

I’m using Beta 1.04

As an aside, I would say I do love the game, however I would also agree with those who says it’s quite easy. Playing the UK, if you invest in tech, scrap Corporation Tax, spend a bit on health and education, before long you’re GDP massively outperforms global GDP and you have a virtuous circle where you can afford anything you like. Basically, be centre left and God help anyone who believes in a smaller government.

Hi, I’ve fixed this bug ready for the next update. Have you tried playing on harder difficulty? or tried the USA?

I hadn’t, I will - I wasn’t complaining. More I was disappointed with myself that I “sold out” my principles by effectively buying myself out of recession. Which is amusing because all of the reviews I’ve read were making the point that the reviewers were beating themselves up because they had to “sell out” and be pragmatic about being more capitalist. Guess there’s a lesson to all!

The game isn’t designed to make any specific point, but I do find that it teaches me that politics is all about compromise and reacting to events. No country is a blank canvas upon which you can impose your view of society, you always have to muddle through and just stop things falling apart :smiley: