Game updated to version 1.13

Just redownload using your purchase link to get the new version if you have already bought it (email me if problems)
The demo link has been updated to reflect the new version.


[code]1.1 Added display of current stock level to the mechandise entries in shop screen.
Change main GUI to have fixed positions and no dragging around.
Added mini icons to musicians icons to show their possesions.
Added some play balancing stuff, including some rare events.
Added a new female avatar and new NPCs (m33) (f19)
Added buttons to merchandise icons to buy more, and added button to merchandise details to do the same.
Fixed bug where people complained about not having cheap food when they have expensive food etc.
Changed Tiredness to ‘stress’ and its now replacing musical ability on main gui.
Fixed some missing tooltips.
Added display of current cash balance to the book gig screen.
Added display of current cash balance to the rehearsal screen.
Added games console to reduce band stress.
Added new member of staff - Publicist.
Added new member of staff - Expert Sound Engineer.
Changed the way sound and lighting engineers get paid.
Changed shop display for staff so buttons say ‘hire’ and don’t show a purchase price.
Improved formatting of asset details screen for numbers.
Band members now say something appreciative if you buy them something.
Added 3 new choices of how to spend your days off.
changed sound for songwriting minigame.
Your characters musical ability no longer degrades too fast
Added Preview images for the avatar variants in new game GUI.
Reduced effectiveness of masseuse
Added commas for thousands in the album details screen (number sold)
Tweaked some values to make the end game harder
1.11 Fixed a few sound engine bugs
Upgraded to latest FMOD build
Fixed some poor formatting on rehearsal and gig book screens for negative cash balances

1.12 Fixed bug where gig venue hire was charged twice.
Balanced a number of different simulation values
Fixed formating so you get commas in thousands on merchandise quantity names
Fixed bug where some dialogs would appear for no reason.

1.13 Changed sound system to use software mixing to avoid some sound card bugs, and do less paranoid error reporting
Fixed crash where music shop tried to give a free instrument and band was empty.

hey cliff thanks so much for the updates, theyre great;) have one problem though… the spa is crashing the game, says there is no file for it could you give us that file please.

There’s always something isn’t there :smiley: I’ve fixed the demo and full versions now, just redownload them again. Sorry!

Bought this on Monday. Most impressed so far, not just with the game but the ease of modification through .txt files and the continued support. Considering buying Kudos now…

Everything is fantastic, but my band members still complain if they don’t have cheap rider and have a luxury rider…

oh man…really? I was so sure this was gone. I will investigate further.

yes, really.

Other things:

:? Still, whether it’s just my own rubbish instrument or something else I can’t tell yet but I still only get sound out of ‘practice’ the first time after starting a game [size=84]sometimes, not always… sometimes there’s not even sound then[/size]

:smiley: The title music is more continuous than it was in the last version [size=84](but I still have yet to hear any of the rival bands play music)[/size]

:confused: I can’t seem to rearrange icons on the desktop. When clicking on any, it’s taken as a double-click (the info window is displayed)

:? Sometimes, on the auditions page, when choosing a new member, the current members say their thoughts below… both characters are the same (it’s apparently the same person judging from the icon though they have opposing ideas)

:confused: lately (the past 3 times my drummer has said anything):

here it is: strings.ini line 735 [COMMENT_POSSESION_RESENTMENT]
“” at the end of the line

no, wait; maybe that wasn’t it. (still happens)

:? $33.36 in the red; the rehearsal page shows “Cash: $-3-3”

:confused: still having the same problem as before with adding merchandise. I can add the merch and it shows up in the store and I can buy it for the SRP and it shows that I have the specified quantity on-hand but I can’t ever sell any (always have the same amount I had when first purchased)

merchandise is not easy to mod unfortunately. Also, you can’t drag stuff any more, a lot of people found that a bit messy and untidy, so the icons are now set in fixed positions. I think it’s nicer that way, but if you really got used to the old way, it might seem weird at first.
I’ll look into the other things you mentioned.

I’m still not getting constant sound. I haven’t heard any of the rival bands although I have heard the radio station interview and the live show effects (I didn’t even know there were sound effects for live shows!) Its usually when I first start the game, then the sound effects disappear.

I thought the rider bug and the instrument bug were solved, not getting either of those messages anymore. I think that might be because I keep the cheap rider and the expensive rider (more choice for the band :slight_smile:)

And I like the new align-to-grid desktop. Keeps things very neat and organized.

UNIVAC’s sound issues confirm that it’s not just my rubbish instrument but actually something more global as they’re the same things I’ve noticed starting with the last version but extending through this one.

As mentioned before, the title music is more consistent with this version though sometimes it does stop for awhile but when another year passes, it starts again from the beginning regardless of whether it had been playing before. As soon as I click away from the “what’s happening today” page it stops again - it’s pretty sporadic.

I noticed too that if I add the aforementioned ‘merchandise’ they overlap other icons on the desktop as if you hardcoded “this many” icon spaces available with no room for expansion. If it’s not possible to add merchandise this doesn’t matter

From the ‘band icon’ key in hints.csv:

This is the reason I said I can’t rearrange icons. I did notice that you aligned them in fixed positions and if I knew that moving them wasn’t even an option I wouldn’t have mentioned it but was thrown off by the ‘hint’.

Could you possibly add a ‘movable or fixed’ option to the settings dialog?

I like the fact that classic icons are now part of the song title block instead of protruding out further, that’s great… something I noticed but didn’t mention. Thanks.

Did you do anything about selling old CDs or adding songs from prior albums to new compilations yet? This is something I haven’t noticed yet but, if old CDs still stop selling, could you make them appear under new CDs (actually, you’d prob’ly make new CDs appear on top of the old one)
A dropdown menu or something for the CD releases would be good if you could implement that kinda control… if you can sell old albums… with stats for sales… here I go rambling on about the same stuff, sorry.

You could [size=75](alternatively or in addition to the above stuff)[/size] group the songtitles together if they’re part of an album.

Guess that’s all for now, lookin’ good!

I miss the musicianship indicator on the main page. It’s like before when you didn’t have a ‘stress’ indicator, y’needta check each musician to find out their levels.

Also, could you look into changing the “YOU” and “THE BAND” into “” and “” and/or when you double-click on [size=67](the green box currently titled)[/size] ‘THE BAND’ bring up a window as;

kinda like a YEAREND_SUMMARY but available anytime

I’m getting the exact same thing. What sound card are you using? I’ve got a Soundblaster Audigy LS.

I think albums and album sales is important enough to warrant its own screen instead of icons on the desktop. There’s enough room for a button on the toolbar. Line graphs showing week to week sales would be an excellent addition too. It’d help you work out when sales were dwindling and its time to release a new record.

Maybe it could be added to the band information screen you mentioned. Along with the band information and record sales, I’d like to see a history of the band (who’s quit, who’s been kicked.)

SoundBlaster live

Finally somebody bold enough to admit that they share the same views as me :smiley:

Maybe I haven’t mentioned this before but I’m thinking along the same lines. An ‘at-a-glance’-type section for the current CD stats (on the right, with the ‘levels’ for YOU/THE BAND… I was thinking maybe a listmenu such as that for ‘Font colour:’ or ‘Font size:’ here on the “Post a reply” page or maybe just list name/date/stats for latest CD and clicking brings up a window with total album history), as you release an album it replaces the currently listed one (album name, release date|weeks since release, songs, sales, the line graphs like you said - perhaps even a different color line for each of your previously released albums) but also you can still sell old albums.

Have you ever bought an album by a band that had since released 5 more albums? ever said or heard said “Cool band but their last album sucks, buy their first album, it’s much better.”

There also should be some way, when looking at the list of songs, to determine which songs haven’t yet made it to a CD.

Look at the other post I made and reply with your other ideas if they spark anything.

is this necessary?

When Five years have been completed, if you don’t choose to continue but instead go to the main menu, there’s no option to “go back to the game” nor to “save progress” (presumably the only way to get back to the game at this point is to load the ‘autosave’)

I am still having the sound issue, if I roll my mouse over the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen it causes the sound to stop. :frowning:

I have a SB Audigy 5.1

yeah, I get that too. Sometimes when mousing over a button the music stops and sometimes it makes a clicking-type sound.

D’you experience also the same issues discussed above?
-haven’t heard any music from any of the rival band’s shows,
-don’t always hear the camera flash for a web/newspaper interview,
-rarely hear an instrument sound,
-practice notes don’t always produce sound and/or sometimes the sound lags,
-not always sound from the radio interview etc…
I’ve ‘manually’ listened to some of the *.ogg files to hear what I’m missing and this would definitely make the game better than the silence we’re used to.

Lots of good ideas floating around this forum for future features but does this also mean he won’t fix the sound thing?

What does cliffski say about it?

we’ll just hafta be patient. :slight_smile:

I will look into this. I use a 3rd party sound system, so I’ll have to chekc I’m using it right, and that they don’t have any bugs.

Ok it sounds like sounds are playing once, then the system runs out of channels. like they are not being freed on your cards somehow. If this is true, you will hear the first 16 sounds (might be very quiet mouseovers), then nothing else. You can probably test if this is true on the main menu screen by doing 16 mouseovers and seeing what happens. However, easier than that, the game should be writing some ‘WARNING’ messages to the ‘debug.txt’ file inside the games /debugdata directory. Could one of you with the missing sounds email me that file (or paste it here). cheers.

Wouldn’t let me attach and I don’t know your email, so I sent it to support@positech is that the right one?

I get a no free channels gui sounds message in mine

Also having issues posting and can’t view my PMs on the forums

PMs have been disabled, because some real thieving swine were going around PMing all the posters asking to get illegal copies :frowning:.
You should be able to post ok though. you seeing any errors?