Game won't launch

Hello I’ve been having this problem where as soon as I launch the game through steam nothing happens. So I tried launching it manually through the program files and I get an error message reading “THE PROGRAM CAN’T START BECAUSE d3dx9_41.dll IS MISSING FROM YOUR COMPUTER. TRY REINSTALLING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM”. I tried reinstalling and the same error message pops up . What do I do? P.S. the same is happening for the first GSB as well. P.P.S. I’ve also updated to windows 10 recently and if that’s the problem how do I go back to Windows Professional?

I just got the game off steam sales and haven’t even been able to play it once.

Hi, this is very strange, that file should be sat right there next to GSB2.exe. If yuo look in windows explorer, inside steam/steamapps/common/gratuitous space battles2… is that dll physically there?

try to run as administrator, it helped me!